Project Description

Solar chargers for phones, ipods, cameras, & all the tech toys of modern life. Imagine sleek, portable power sources for people on the go! Recycled Spanish glass practical house wares for ‘greening’ everyday life in novel ways.

120D Bent Street, Taos, NM 87571
Phone: (575) 751-4500

John Dunn Shops Map

Market bags that unfold from palm sized to large enough to carry two plastic bags’ worth of groceries easily. Solar powered gadgets and string lights to bring a little eco friendly joy into every day Recycled bike tire Mexican made wallets, coin purses, belts and messenger bags. Artisan made works from bicycles, computer motherboards, road signs and scrap iron. Bringing a new clean to recycling. A way to shop green, helping the world in one of the little ways that really count. Giving green gifts that keep giving as they are cherished and used. Change your world in Seconds.