La Tierra Mineral Gallery

La Tierra Mineral Gallery

124 Bent Street, Suite K
Taos, New Mexico


Winter Hours:
10:00 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Instagram: @LaTierraMineral

minerals, fossils, jewelry, home decor

Your Taos source for one-of-a-kind natural treasures. Discover the beauty and history of art created by nature. Minerals, fossils, jewelry, and home decor — from earth’s remotest regions to you!

Our taos story

La Tierra Mineral Gallery offers a large selection of minerals, fossils, hand-made stone home accessories, and local handmade jewelry.

Owned for over 20 years by geologist-turned-management consultant Holly Benson, the gallery team combines knowledge of minerals, fossils, and jewelry to acquire and present a portfolio of one-of-a-kind treasures to help customers find just the right piece for their collection or a perfect souvenir to bring home from Taos.

Our mission is to create a beautiful space in which people of all ages can come to appreciate the incredible beauty and history that is the mineral kingdom and the planet we live on. In our fun, relaxed, and educational environment, we offer hundreds of minerals and fossil specimens from around the world, including a large collection from Taos county and southern New Mexico. We also have a wonderful section of plates, bowls, bookends, lamps, candleholders, and sculptures of animals, all made of natural stone. La Tierra Mineral Gallery is proud to represent the following local Taos and regional artists and prospectors:

JEWELRY: Mercedes Montoya, Seth Brown, Lorelie Brown Loveless, Leo Weaver,Gino Shiavone, John Sheffield, Greg Smith, Michael Silberhorn,  Jenny Inge, Vera Tenorio, Lea Ann Edwards
LOCAL MINERALS: Fred Ortega, The Graves Family
SAGE DOLLS: Barry Azbe
SUN CATCHERS: Connie Cyprian
ZUNI FETISHES: Various artists from the Zuni Reservation