G. Robinson Old Prints & Maps... Since 1977

It would be easy to miss our shop, nestled as it is between bookshops and coffee shops one block north of Taos Plaza in the John Dunn House; and that would be a shame. We offer original items from the 14th - 20th centuries including antique maps, medieval manuscripts, curiosa, and original engravings/lithographs covering natural history to the Civil War to world exploration and nearly every subject in between. All these are found on the walls, in drawers, and heaped in piles. These images speak of the best and worst aspects of human nature: courage and cowardice, religious inspiration and persecution, the expansion of civilization and the oppression and destruction of cultures. Elegant clues to where we have been and hints to where we are going can be found here. We endeavor to maintain an interesting stock that will fit every wallet and region: maps $30 and up and 15th century manuscripts from $90 to rare collector pieces.