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Phyllis Leavitt will be signing and discussing her books from The Road Home Series: A Light in the Darness and Into the Fire.

These stories began with an incredible visitation from God for Phyllis Leavitt in 1994 at the darkest time of her life.  Although she had prayed for God's help, she was totally unprepared when one day, God literally spoke.  There was no question that a source of Divine Love and profound Wisdom came to her.  She was taken on a startling and sometimes terrifying journey through past lives and way beyond that, to a new understanding of what all our souls are doing here in human form and where Soul wants to take us.  A Light In The Darkness will open your heart to the Divine meaning and purpose of all human struggle and it will open your mind to your personal place in God's Love and the evolution of human consciousness.

Into The Fire continues the chronicle of Leavitt's conversations with Divine Source and shines a light on Good and Evil and on the Divine meaning and purpose of human struggle.  She questions what her Soul came here to learn.  The answers come through her faithful transcriptions of what Divine Source told her about life, the human condition and our common journey from separation to reunion, from Darkness to Light, from the war of Duality to the Oneness of Divine Love.    Into the Fire teaches us how to step out of our bondage to the right and wrong of What Is, to see Teacher in everything.  In this book, Phyllis asks Divine Source many questions crucial for this era, especially: How do we get out of the war between Good and Evil that has the potential to kill us all?  Come hear Phyllis give us the answers that will save the planet and everyone on it.

Phyllis Leavitt lives with her husband in Santa Fe and Taos.  She has a Masters Deree in Psychology and has been in private practice for over 25 years.


Allegra Huston will be signing and discussing her book SAY MY NAME.  This is not just a novel about a middle-aged woman who has an extramarital affiar with a much younger man but a dazzling debut about a highly-charged and very sensual affair.  Skillfully crafted, original and beautifully written.

Allegra was born in London and raised in Ireland, Long Island, and Los Angeles.  She has worked with Chatto & Windus publishers in London and Weidenfeld & Nicolson, where she was Editorial Director from 1990 to 1994.  A freelance writer and editor for more than ten years, her work has appeared in several UK publications, in French Vogue, and in the U.S. in People magazine, the Santa Fean, and Mothering.

She is also the author of Love Child: A Memoir of Family Lost and Found published in april 2009 by Simon & Schuster.  She wrote and produced the award-winning short film Good Luck, Mr. Gorski, and is on the editorial staff of the international art and culture magazine Garage.  She is a writer and editor based in Taos.